Democracy as a Foundation

This is my Weebly page. I will be giving you insight to political cartoons, quotes and online journals that I respond too. What is important here is to see if I can inspire people to choose Democracy as a foundation. What I mean is as a citizen of this country, Democracy should be our political foundation because its' policies are natural to choose if one can choose correctly. Understand me when I say choose correctly, because I am being totally biased but Democracy is for everyone no matter who you are.

Always Engage in Democracy

Explore your way through Democracy all year. Be able to want to learn more about its' history and its' plans, vote, be willing to seek answers to your questions. Expand your vocabulary when conversing in class. This is what I plan to execute as the year progresses. How about you?

Wait! Don't Move To Canada

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"A stay-and-fight strategy to win back America." The author Bill Scher is known to be one of the most outstanding political bloggers today and his approach to his readers is remarkable. His book Wait! Don't Move to Canada! talks about what Democrats really stand for and that is a successful government that works for its' individuals.